Favols' "Savoir-Faire"

Favols: from Tradition to Creation !

A long tradition in fruit transformation has allowed Favols, born in the south west of France over fifty years ago, to create gourmet recipes with the fruits or vegetables from orchards of Aquitaine and also from remote countries.
FAVOLS has a real love for fruits and is an expert in the selection of the essential criteria of freshness, ripeness and taste to prepare them carefully to sublimate their qualities and natural flavors.

FAVOLS ! The fruit specialist serving your taste buds !

Our teams exalt orchard flavours with passion for your pleasure only. By tasting our jams, our “Fruits Saveurs” or “Fruits en Ecrin” ranges, you are introduced to the real essence of Flavour. You discover bunches of unforeseen generosity, moreover, you satisfy your appetite for new products. FAVOLS rhymes with culture of perfection, excellence and exceptional know-how. More than 40 different fruits enable us to prepare unique and exclusive recipes.

FAVOLS ! Keep the fruit essence as a priority !

To maintain this high standard of quality in its productions, FAVOLS has always been working with a genuine know-how and the finest raw material. Thanks to its local and foreign partnerships FAVOLS is able to guarantee a rigorous quality control from the production to the transformation in its workshops of Villeneuve-sur-Lot in the heart of the most famous orchards in France. Then, FAVOLS has been using a specific production process: all preparations are cooked under vacuum at low temperature which allows preserving the organoleptic fruit characteristics while avoiding the caramelization of sugars: texture, colors, and taste.
Thanks to its continuous efforts, FAVOLS is IFS* certified since 2010. (*International Featured
Standard - Food).
In 2017, Favols earned the Bioentreprisedurable and Entrepreneurs + engagés labels, in recognition of all its efforts to be a responsible company operating as respectfully as possible.